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An A-List Interview: Eden Yaskil

Manny & Simon designs embrace a smart sophistication and a youthful soul that are reflective of co-founder Eden Yaskil. I thought I was unique for starting a baby business before I was a parent, but Eden resets that standard. I admire her willingness to take a risk with a vision that goes beyond her personal life stage. In fact, I learned through this interview Eden and I have a lot in common, including being self-acknowledged “daddy’s girls” and people who consider the lovely city of Amsterdam among our top destinations.

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Ali Wing: What is your motto?
Eden Yaskil:
Follow your dreams.

AW: What inspires you?
The whole issue around the safety of childrens products in past few years really inspired me to develop a line of safe, eco-friendly, simple, clean designed, made in the USA products. I was tired of all of these plastic toys that became so disposable. I came across some old wooden toys in my grandparents house which really made me think how can we bring back heirloom wooden toys to the modern day child.

AW: What color are you loving right now?

AW: What are you currently reading?
Chelsea Handler’s Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang. I’m not one who likes to sit and read books. I need to always be busy doing something, but this book is AMAZING! I watch Chelsea Handler’s TV show, “Chelsea Lately”, every night before I go to bed. She is always smiling and loves to make people laugh. I love it!

AW: Whats your favorite city/location/destination?
New York – I love wondering through the downtown neighborhoods and stumbling upon random great stores.
Austin, TX – I’m currently living in Dallas, and I love to escape down to Austin for the weekend and check out their shops and great music! I love the laid back attitude the city has, which reminds me of San Diego where I grew up.
Amsterdam – I LOVE this city. I studied interior design and architecture in high school and college and fell in love with the architecture of this great city. It has the cutest shops and restaurants, and I am a sucker for Dutch design.

AW: Who is your favorite composer, or what is your favorite music genre?
My current favorite composer I’m listening to right now is Eric Hutchinson. His music is great background music when I’m working or just relaxing at home.

And please complete the following:

…make(s) me laugh.
My dad. The best times I have with him are when we are in the Manny & Simon factory developing new concepts and just constantly making each other laugh.

My parents’ proudest moment in parenting was…
Learning the creative mind I had from a very, very young age.

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