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giggle Better Basics Clean

Like any proud parent, I just had to take this opportunity to brag a little bit about our new line of all-natural cleaning products: giggle Better Basics Clean.

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These products go beyond being gentle enough for your baby; they’re made from natural, plant-based ingredients – the kind you can understand when you read the label. They’re safe, healthy, nontoxic, and biodegradable, which is not only good for your baby, but for everyone else in your family (not to mention the planet!).

Moms will especially love our laundry detergent, since clothing and bedding is one thing your baby is always in contact with. It’s also a way to keep any organic fabrics you invest in chemical free. But it doesn’t stop there: the line also includes gentle and effective dish soap, surface wipes, all-purpose cleaner, and more.

Of course, this expansion of our giggle Better Basics line was a no-brainer for inclusion on my A-List, because giggle Better Basics is made up of those great everyday products that we believe in enough for them to wear the giggle name. They already have my stamp of approval, which means they’re also a perfect candidate for the A-List!

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As the founder and CEO of giggle, Ali is a product expert with tons of insight to share with new parents everywhere. Ali is a frequent contributor to parenting blogs and publications. She's also the author of the giggle guide to baby gear, helping new parents navigate the glut of choices out there and find only what they need, when they need it.

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