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Mommy’s Little Helper

We cook three-ish meals a day, 365 days a year. Almost. When we’re not, we’re eating with grandparents, other family, and friends – in other words, someone else is home cooking. Infrequently, we eat out. There are a (small) handful of restaurants near us serving organic options, some of these are pricier than others. But, as New Yorkers, we do love pizza. There’s pretty much a pizza place on every corner, offering cheap slices for the hungry. Perfect kid food, except the hormones and antibiotics in the cheese, the sugar in the tomato sauce, and so on. Still, we indulge. We always make sure to only eat plain. If we eat toppings, we choose vegetables, but never meat. I can make an exception for a slice, but not for conventional meat. Yes, I can (and do) make my own. But that’s sort of not the point. It’s our rare treat. I consider it our birthright (like my daughter, I was born and bred here). Especially on Friday nights — after a long week, what’s better than gathering with friends – hers and mine – for pizza parties?

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A month or so ago, there was a rumor floating around the neighborhood that an organic pizza place was about to open shop. My ears perked right up. The crust was going to be whole wheat! There was going to be wine made with organically grown grapes for parents to sip as the tots gobbled it up! It sounded too good to be true! And then it didn’t open for a while. So I thought it would never happen. But: hope prevails. I walked past it tonight and apparently it is opening tomorrow. I can’t wait to have a slice without giving its ingredients another thought. It’s called Slice.

What’s your family indulgence? Have you found a more organic version?

About Alexandra Zissu, Healthy Eating Guru

Alexandra Zissu is a writer, editor, speaker, and green-proofer. She’s the author of The Conscious Kitchen, and co-author of The Complete Organic Pregnancy, Planet Home and The Butcher's Guide to Well-Raised Meat. Follow her on Twitter at @alexandrazissu.

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