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introduction to ‘green nursery’

First off – welcome.  My name is Jesse Johnson and I wanted to share with you why I am blogging about ‘green nurseries’ for giggle.

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Above all, I am a father who has long focused on all things ‘green’.  The company I co-founded, Q Collection, is a leader in designing the healthiest and most environmentally-friendly home furnishings.  But the birth of my son, Reeve, in 2006 changed everything.  My passion for this work became much more personal.

When my wife was pregnant, I remember looking for furniture and bedding in the children’s world and I was truly surprised.  Few, if any, children’s furniture or bedding companies were talking about what potentially harmful materials they were and weren’t using.  The more I dug, the more it became clear what I needed to do.

Long story short, we entered the children’s world in 2007 when we introduced Q Collection Junior.  My son still sleeps in our first prototype.  In everything we design and make, we hold ourselves to the highest standard on designing the healthiest, most environmentally-friendly products available.  Or as we say – PEOPLE SAFE. PLANET SAFE.  Among other things, we have the country’s first (and still only) indoor air quality certified crib (the only way to know for sure that your child’s isn’t breathing in chemicals of concern) and we are the only collection endorsed by the leading environmental health non profit, Healthy Child, Healthy World.  We are very proud of our progress and I am eager to share what we have learned along the way.

If the knowledge and perspective my wife, Mary, and I have gained while creating our own healthy home for our son, Reeve, or in starting Q Collection Junior can be helpful to others, then this blog will have been a success.

In ‘green nurseries’, you can expect to see discussions on:

– Green nursery 101

– indoor air quality in a nursery – the basics and why it is important

– What materials should be avoided and why

– Ways to create a healthier home outside of the nursery

– Product reviews and recommendations

– Helpful advice from leaders in the non profit community working on children’s environmental health concerns

– Guest commentary on news stories relevant to creating a healthy home.

I know what it feels like to be a new parent searching for answers and looking for healthier products.  I don’t pretend to have all of the answers.  I will be leaning on many friends and colleagues along the way.  It is my hope that the discussion you find here will be helpful, relevant and easy to understand.

I am looking forward to hearing any feedback and all questions.   You can reach me here:  green_nursery@qcollection.com.  I will plan to gear future posts towards topics of interest.

About Jesse Johnson, Green Nursery Guru

Jesse is the co-founder of Q Collection & Q Collection Junior – leaders in designing adult and children’s furniture and textiles. Jesse has a joint masters in business (MBA) and environmental management (MEM) from Yale University. Jesse currently serves as a member of Yale's Environmental Leadership Council and is an advisor to Harvard’s Center for Health and the Global Environment.

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